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Disobey Speed Limit 84 klms/ hour in a 50 klm Zone & Not Keeping Left of Two Continuous Dividing Lines


Our client was on a motor bike rider. That night he was riding with an unknown group of riders. A police motor bike intercepted some riders at the end location after attempting to keep up with all the riders. The end location had numerous riders present and our client instructed he was already at the location and not in the group that police issued fines to.


With instructions from our client, we provided police submissions and requested video footage police were relying on. Police provided the footage and discontinued the second charge of crossing two continuous lines. After reviewing the footage, police also attained witness statements that contradicted our client’s version of events. Our client instructed that we proceed to trial. The matter was heard in a 5-hour trial with a total of 4 witnesses, plus the police officer and our client. The magistrate handed judgment at 8:30 PM the same night.


After strong cross examination of witnesses and police at trial, our client was found not guilty by a Magistrate.

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