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Family Law

Seek Help in Difficult Situations from Family Lawyers in Brisbane

The situations which call for partnering with family lawyers in Brisbane are often stressful, highly emotional, and challenging for many of those involved. You may have questions about the divorce process, or you may currently be in the midst of a possibly acrimonious separation. With property, finances, and potentially even custody of children involved in the process, it is vital to have a family lawyer in Southport you can trust to guide you through this trying time.

At TWC Lawyers, we field an experienced and dedicated team of legal professionals ready to provide you with a neutral point of view on your situation, plus advice on how to proceed. With a range of services available and a fee structure that is much more fair and equitable to individuals of all income levels, we hope to provide the support you require to do what’s best for you and your family. How can we help?

Recently separated and wondering when you will see the kids next? Or wondering whether the kids are being adequately cared for when they spend time with your former partner?

Haven’t heard from your former spouse for a while, only to suddenly receive a wordy solicitor’s letter claiming your former spouse is entitled to half of your super, plus you need to sell your house?

Do I even need a divorce?

Is there physical, emotional or financial abuse?

What takes priority, parenting and children or financial matters?

Or you and your ex-partner are on good terms and need assistance to formalise your separation?

As a step parent, what are my rights to continue a relationship with my step children?

TWC Lawyers deal with these types of family law matters on a daily basis. Our experienced family law team deals with:

  • Child custody;
  • Child support;
  • Divorce or Separation;
  • Financial arrangements;
  • Property settlement;
  • Family mediation; and
  • Spousal maintenance.

We offer fixed fees where possible, or as a minimum a fixed range of fees for each step of your matter so you are fully aware at the outset of the costs involved.

Problems Family Law Firms in Gold Coast Can Help to Address

Family law is a highly complex field comprising many different aspects, not just those pertaining to separation and divorce. There are many “quirks” to the law in this area, and it is not often easy for the average person to know what to do. Some of the most common problems we help our clients address include:


  • Confusion over how to follow the legal guidelines that define separation and ultimately lead to divorce. As these laws may vary from state to state, you may not always be familiar with those that apply to your situation. We can help you sort out the process of going through a divorce here.
  • The need for mediation between two parties in a family that cannot come to an equitable agreement. Sometimes a third party is necessary to provide the perspective that neither side can achieve on their own. We offer a fair setting for mediating disputes and working to achieve compromise and stability.
  • Settlement of property, financial arrangements, and spousal maintenance. Don’t let your assets hang in the balance when going through a separation. Ensure you protect your needs without causing undue conflict in the process.

The Benefits of Using TWC Lawyers as Your Family Law Solicitors in Brisbane

With such sensitive and difficult issues to work through, it’s clear that your choice in family lawyers in Gold Coast will have significant ramifications. At TWC Lawyers, we understand your position and developed a legal service that better suits your needs. Some of the benefits of using our service are:


  • We provide a free initial consultation over the phone. We don’t make it difficult to find advice or to hear information about the next steps you should take. We’ll listen to the details of your scenario and provide you with clear insight into if and how we may be able to help.
  • We operate exclusively on a fixed fee basis. No bill shock here — ever. We agree on the fees we’ll charge you ahead of time so you can easily plan for the financial aspect of seeking legal assistance, making the process more affordable.
  • We provide you with compassionate and caring insight that respects your position. We know these are often difficult issues with layers of emotions built over them, and we provide the experience we’d hope to have ourselves in such a situation.

What to Expect from TWC Lawyers as Your Divorce Lawyer in Gold Coast

What is the process of connecting with a divorce lawyer in Southport? What should you anticipate when you first reach out for assistance? With a proven procedure and a friendly disposition, we hope to make your conversations with our team as stress-free as possible. Here’s what to expect.


  • Prompt responses and clear communication. We do not keep our clients waiting when they have questions or concerns. If you need an update on the status of your case, we’ll do our best to ensure you receive one as soon as possible.
  • A solution-focused approach to the law. While it is not possible to guarantee outcomes, especially in family law, we do work with our clients to provide paths towards potential resolutions in their favour. We always strive to do right by you.
  • Helpful explanations and options. The law is not always easy to understand, but we break it down to make it simple to know what your current situation is and what your next steps will be.

About TWC Lawyers

With a diverse legal team comprising many decades of combined experience, TWC Lawyers started with a simple idea: treat clients like real people and not as a money-making opportunity. By developing a fixed-fee service that emphasises superior service, we hope to continue providing our community with much-needed resources for untangling complex issues. When you need to speak with divorce lawyers in Brisbane, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation today.

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