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Domestic Violence

Is your ex-partner sending you constant messages of abuse, or worse still, turning up uninvited at your workplace or social gathering?

Is your partner reviewing your text messages, mail or social media messages?

Have the police served you an Application for Protection Orders on behalf of your ex-partner and you have no idea what to do, and the claims in their Application are simply not true?

Has your ex-partner moved interstate with the children without your consent?

Are you suffering from domestic violence or unsure of what that means?

We understand that when you are tangled in a hostile family law dispute or an abusive relationship, it’s hard to see light at the end of the tunnel or know where to turn. That’s where TWC Lawyers come in, as we have the experience both personally and professionally, to truly know what it’s like to be in your position. We will provide you with options that are relevant to your specific matter so that you can provide us with informed instructions to achieve the best and safest outcome for you and your family.

Remember, domestic violence can occur in all types of relationships such as partner, lover or ex-lover, carers, parent/ child and even stepparents. This can include physical abuse, sexual abuse, bullying, intimidation, coercion, financial abuse, threats and controlling behaviour.

Our experienced lawyers can assist you and your family with:

  • Filing or responding to a Domestic Violence Order – DVO;
  • Negotiating a DVO;
  • Representing you in court regarding a DVO;
  • Making urgent DVO applications; and
  • Making urgent applications for Protection Orders.

We offer fixed fees where possible, or as a minimum a fixed range of fees for each step of your matter so you are fully aware at the outset of the costs involved.

Need assistance with a Domestic Violence Order or Protection Order?

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Our Domestic Violence Lawyer in Brisbane Will Help to Keep You Safe

TWC Lawyers act on your behalf when you need the help of a domestic violence lawyer in Brisbane. We are here to keep you safe when you are vulnerable. Domestic violence can manifest in your life in several different ways, and we are here to support you through these challenging times.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Domestic Violence Lawyers in Brisbane

You might feel completely overwhelmed and vulnerable when you find yourself in a situation where you need a domestic violence lawyer in the Gold Coast. During this time, it can be easy to make the following mistakes and only realise it when it is too late.


  • Hiring the first family violence lawyer you meet. We understand it is a challenging time, and you want someone on your side to protect you and your loved ones as soon as you can, but it is important to do a bit of research to ensure your alliance is with a worthy partner. Our team has years of successful cases, delivering safety and resolutions to homes across the city.
  • Opting for the most affordable option. Affordability is not the best guideline for your choice. Rather rely on outstanding service at a fraction of the cost more and find the peace of mind you need and deserve. Since the cost can be a sensitive matter, we offer absolute transparency regarding cost and provide our service at a fixed price, leaving you with no unpleasant surprises in the end.
  • Relying on emails and telephone conversations as only means of contact. It is beneficial and strongly recommended that you do meet in person with the team taking on your case.


Our team is here to support you, to serve your needs and help you during this difficult time.

Related Services We Provide to Brisbane Domestic Violence Lawyers

For the past two years, we’ve been your reliable partners when you need someone to fend your case in the legal system. Except for being your trusted DV lawyers in the Gold Coast, you can also rely on us for the following legal care:


  • Criminal law. We should be your first point of contact before you speak to anyone else, including the police service. When the authorities charge you with a crime, it can be a highly confusing time resulting in you saying things prosecution can hold against you in court. We advise that you contact us first to be your frontline of defence.
  • Drug-related crimes. Drug crimes will lead to criminal charges, but the degree of the charge against you will depend mainly on the kind of drug in question. When you find yourself in a position where they lay drug charges against you, get hold of our office to negotiate your circumstances in court. We offer honest and fair assistance, leaving you with a clear understanding of your position and possible options.
  • Are you buying or selling a business? Speak to our commercial lawyers to minimise your risk and ensure a fair and smooth deal at all times. We offer comprehensive care and deal with all your documentation from start to finish.

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