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Trafficking in Dangerous Drugs (Cannabis), Possessing a Dangerous Drug (Cannabis), Possessing things (bags, grinder, foil, scales and mobile phone).



Police executed a search warrant on our client’s house to find a large amount of cannabis and implements.



Our client had made full admissions to police before contacting our office and was facing serious charges that attract a maximum of 20 years imprisonment. He was advised by many firms to plead quickly and was certain to serve actual time in prison. After eventually contacting TWC Lawyers, we noticed he really wanted to change. We assisted in affecting a process that assisted him to change and showed the court that he was taking matters seriously. At the time of sentence, our client now had a new family, so it was imperative that he serve no or little time in prison.



After immense preparation, and as our client adhered to our recommendations, he was sentenced to a term of imprisonment for 3 years but wholly suspended. He was also placed on probation for 2 years.

Preparation and guidance, being they key to obtaining such a result. Having the right criminal law firm and criminal lawyer representing you in serious charges can be the difference. Contact us today.