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  • Possess Dangerous Drugs x 3,
  • Unlawful Possession of a Restricted Drug x 18,
  • Possess Utensils, and
  • Fail to Take Reasonable Care in Respect of Syringe


Police executed a search warrant on our client and partner’s residence. Police found various drugs, utensils and syringes. The controlled drug charges were controversial in that medically the partner had scripts but had excessive amounts over the medically prescribed amount.


Submissions and numerous discussions with the Directors Office of Public Prosecutions were undertaken over a period of time. It was important to not rush and supply detailed arguments to the Office of Director of Public Prosecutions as these were serious charges punishable by a possible term of imprisonment. We carefully highlighted the lack of knowledge and involvement from our client. This led police to further investigations before realising that the case against our client was flawed.


Whilst this was a long process, eventually, all charges were discontinued. It was important to step through each and every element of the charges to have our client walk free. Want to chat further contact us now for a discussion.