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How TWC Lawyers can help streamline your business and signing requirements.

We recently hit a milestone, so a shameless plug to Wesley Day and team.

Some 2 years ago I started issuing and signing franchisor disclosure documents, franchise agreements and associated docs electronically using DocuSign.

We’ve now facilitated the issuing and signing of over 1,000 franchise grant documents electronically.

Some stats:

• We’ve sent over 1,000 electronic envelopes
• Which contained over 93,000 pages of documents
• Which were received by over 10,000 recipients
• Which where electronically signed by over 3,200 people.

Some feel good facts (approx!):

• We’ve saved 470kg of A4 paper – that’s 940kg printed in duplicate or 1,400kg printed in triplicate!
• Which equates to 2,342kg of wood; or
• 11 Trees!

OK, we’re not saving the planet, but we’re doing our bit!

Our electronic process has greatly assisted franchisors and franchisees during the legal process and it’s great to see that the Parliamentary Joint Committee acknowledges the benefits in electronic franchise documents.

Want to know more about our electronic franchise documentation process, feel free to contact Wes Day as I am always more than happy to talk anything franchising and e-signing.